Feeding America

When I started Self Care Clothing Company I decided to give back to the community and try to make a difference in other’s lives. The brand is supposed to be a reminder to take care of yourself, and make sure you’re taking proper measures to keep your mental health in check. Self care is for everyone, and we all need to show ourselves, and others, more love. 

Being in recovery, I’ve learned that service work is vital to keep me clean and giving back makes for a wonderful feeling. I’ve always donated 10% of my company’s profits to local recovery and mental health organizations. I donate directly to the recovery center that saved mine and my brother’s lives. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve switched gears a little bit and decided to give 15% to Feeding America. Feeding America has a network of food banks that supply nourishment to food-insecure families and are helping make sure people aren’t going hungry. Right now they are focused on helping more people than ever and they need our help. 

There are two shirts on the site that I donate 100% of the profits to Feeding America, you can find them by searching the term Feeding America. I wanted to give other people an opportunity to give back, and get something in return. Normally all of my items are limited edition but with these specific shirts, they will be staying on the site indefinitely. Together we’ve already been able to raise enough money to feed 1500 people with donations made by Self Care Clothing Company, and I won’t stop. There are always hungry people out there. 

If you want to donate directly you can go to Feedingamerica.org