Shipping Policy

A lot of our clothing is made to order. We are not amazon and it will not be there the next day. 7-10 business days at least for production plus 3-5 days for shipping for MOST items. Most items such as, apparel, accessories. Some may take longer.

Current Global situation will cause delays. Orders are taking longer than normal right now. Email us for questions regarding your order. We appreciate your patience. If you are impatient, rude, or a generally unhappy person, do us a favor and don't order from us. We would prefer you take the attitude elsewhere. 

Shoes, blankets, tapestries and some other items can take upwards of 3 weeks to get to you. Please be patient. 

Pre-order means you’re prolly gonna wait about a month. Maybe longer.

It is holiday season! This means place your order early. Give at least three weeks during peak holiday season to receive your package. If you are on a deadline, I wouldn’t gamble. We are extremely busy and stock is limited. If you are ordering for a special occasion, vacation, etc, this also applies to you.

We cannot guarantee that you will get your package in time if you are buying for a gift. There are no express options of shipping. Orders may come in split shipments. Orders may come from other countries, and may take a while due to customs. Please please please do not set an expectation of when you will get your items, they will get there, it may take a little while.


Dont forget I am only one person running all of this.