Self Care Tattoo Company

Self Care Tattoo Company is located at 9 Morgantown Street, Uniontown PA 15401. 

We are about 30 minutes from Morgantown WV and 45 minutes from Pittsburgh PA. 

SCTC has 3 full time artists and 2 apprentices who all specialize in American traditional.


Meet The Crew

Sutton Daniels - Owner/Artist @selfcaresutton on IG

Sutton is our owner, and started tattooing earlier this year. He has been studying American traditional for 10 years, and with his brand Self Care Clothing has worked with some of the worlds best Tattooers.

Specializing in American traditional, bold lines, dramatic shading, and bright colors. He prides himself in attention to detail, placement, planning out your tattoo for future tattoos, and making your experience at the shop top notch.

Styles: American/Japanese traditional. Full color or black and grey 





Diglett Williams @diggy_tattoos

Dig specializes in American Traditional and Neo-Traditional.



Tony Bauza @tonybauza_tattooer

Tony specializes in American Traditional. 


Marcos DeLeon @msdvisuals

Marcos is our newest addition to the SCTC family.

Currently he is an apprentice, and able to do small piece of flash from his linebook.