Charity Collection

Since the start of my business, it's always been about raising awareness, giving back, and trying to make a difference. It started with a 10% donation of my profits to the mental health foundation each month. Then I chose a few local recovery facilities to donate to, two of which have whole heartedly saved my life and the life of many others I know personally. I felt that wasn't enough, so I made a few recovery shirts of which I donate 100% of the profits to those organizations.

Then Australia caught fire and I felt I needed to help. I chose to donate to WIRES which is an animal rescue, and made a Save Australia poster. 100% of the profits went to WIRES.

Then our planet was hit with the pandemic.
I upped my donation percentage to 15% and chose Feeding America to donate to. I created two shirt designs, and donate 100% of the profits to Feeding America. So far, with the help of everyone who has placed orders, we've helped feed 3000 people.

I started doing interviews discussing mental health, because I felt I wasn't doing enough, and I could use the platforms I've been given to fix that.

Today, I created an entire collection. The Charity Collection.
Every single item in this collection benefits a variety of charities. Every single cent of profit is donated.

I added 4 shirts today. Two of them benefit the NAACP, the other two benefit The Action Pac.

You may be asking, why do this?
Because I care and I want to help.

Why not do what I can to help these charities out?
Why not devote some of my time and energy to talk about these subjects and help raise awareness on these issues?

Do you have to buy something to help a charity out? No.
You can go directly to the sites and donate.

The idea was to give people something back in return, to have something as a reminder, to get people talking, to get people thinking, and to get the message out there.

This isn't about clothing, this is about a message.

Please share, and if you have something negative to say, take it elsewhere.

Much love.

Charity Collection