Josh Stevens

Josh Stevens tattoos out of Sakura Tattoo located in Winchester V.A.

He specializes in Japanese, but he is a very well rounded artist, and isn’t afraid to take any style that walks in the door. 

He is one of a select few artists on the east coast that can provide you with a traditional Tebori style tattoo, and may very well be the only Tattooer in V.A. that practices this ancient technique. 

Ive known Josh since 4th grade, and I’m beyond  proud to offer his work. I’ve been getting tattooed by him for nearly a decade, and he has been a heavy influence on my appreciation for tattooing. Josh taught me how to paint, talked me out of a lot of really bad tattoo ideas I had, and provided me with some incredible tattoos over the years. 

If you live in the V.A. area, neighboring states, or have been looking for someone to get a Tebori tattoo from, call Sakura Tattoo and get yourself an appointment. 

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